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Kobler is officially the new UN envoy to Libya

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The new United Nations representative in Libya, Martin Kobler, is to assume his position, Tuesday, as a head of the UN Support Mission in Libya and successor of the past representative, Bernardino Leon.

The transition comes in a critical time for Libyan whose peace talks have an unclear future. Leon’s term ended before reaching a final formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA), which was the main goal of the UN sponsored peace talks.

Leon has been coordinating talks between Libyan rivals to reach consensus and a unity government.

Leon’s objectivity in running the Libyan peace talks was questioned after revelations of a well-paid job offer in the Emirati government-funded diplomatic academy that he was negotiating during his term as a UN mediator in Libya running talks.

The UNSMIL uncovered that Lieutenant-General Paolo Serra of Italy has joined UNSMIL as Senior Advisor on security sector matters relating to the dialogue process.

Serra has military experience in multinational peace operations. He headed the Mission and Force Commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon from 2012 to 2014.