Home News Finance ministry allocates 15 million Dinars for Benghazi

Finance ministry allocates 15 million Dinars for Benghazi


The Libyan government has allocated 15 million Libyan Dinars of winter aids to support the displaced families in Benghazi, in accordance with a plan imposed by the Minister, Kamel AL-Hasi.

Each individual is supposed to receive a monthly aid of 100 Libyan Dinars for 3 months. Money is planned to be transferred from Finance Ministry to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to handle its distribution, “with a mechanism that guarantees the benefit of families covered by the decision” the government spokesperson, Hatem Al-Areby said.

The Decision was under the number of 522 for the year 2015, the Libyan News Agency reported.

Observers note that the House of Representatives, HoR, allocates itself a higher budget than allocated to the people who have been suffering war and displacement. Chief of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, is believed to be hindering talks too, by repetitive trips to attend international conventions, while nation in mired in political divisions and an open-end war, especially in Benghazi.

A report issued by the Humanitarian Section in the National Commission for Human Rights suggested that nearly 49% of Libyans have been affected by the crisis, and around three million persons in Libya are in need of humanitarian help. It estimated the number of internally displaced in Libya since February 2011 with 1.256.000 persons.