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Agreement to break up sit-in in front of Mellita complex


Mayor of Sebratah municipality, Hussain Al-Dhawady said that it had been agreed to break up the sit-in by citizens from Zuwara city in front of Mellita complex of oil and gas.

He declared that “it has been agreed to break up the sit – in, requests of protesters were referred to the management of the complex to discuss during the general meeting which will included Zuwara elders council, Sebratah and Al-Ajealat”. Al-Dhawady added that it is agreed to entrust oil installations guards, in Al-Dhawya, to secure Mellita headquarters complex.

Some inhabitants from Zuwara protested, Monday night, in front of the main gates of Mellita complex, prevented staff from departure, demanding jobs like other regions.

The protesters demanded, in a statement, employing 100 persons in addition to appointing a new chief to the complex from Zuwara before reopening the complex.

The complex is one of the Italian company ENI’s most important investments in North Africa. It extends along 500 km. the complex consists of a number of fields, in addition to a tank and naval platforms, tens of pipelines connected to the many of the country’s gas production sites.