Home News NCHR: 79% of Libyans need Humanitarian aids

NCHR: 79% of Libyans need Humanitarian aids


The Libyan National Commission for Human Rights said that nearly 49% of Libyans have been affected by the crisis, and around three million persons in Libya are in need of humanitarian help.

The report issued by the humanitarian Section in the commission on Monday estimated the number of internally displaced in Libyan since February 2011 with 1.256.000 persons.

The report adds that nearly 79% of the population need humanitarian aids, and 87% of the internally displaced suffer depression, anxiety, fear, psychological disorder, and nightmares.

27.000 persons were displaced from Benghazi, 13.000 families from Sirte, 7.000 from Derna, 27.000 from Tauergha, 10.000 from Tripoli, 260.000 from Wersheffana, 8.000 from Alkrareem and Temmina, 12.000 from Kekla, 4500 from Tuareg in Ghadames, 3.000 from Al-Gwaleesh and18.000 from Almashashia, the report stated.

The report entitled “The displaced in Libya, continuing humanitarian suffer under absence of local and international relief efforts”, warned of the continuing neglect of the Libyan authorities, calling the international community institutions to provide urgent humanitarian, medical, and nutritional aids for Libyan civilians.

The report stressed that the continuing armed conflict, political instability, widening ground of the extremist terrorist groups, and the increasing hostile actions against civilians are a significant indicator of the worsening humanitarian situation of Libyan civilians.