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Libyan source says Abu-Nabil is still alive


Libyan new reports have denied what the American defense ministry announced about its success in killing an Islamic State leader in Libya in air raid.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said on Monday that the Iraqi national leader was able to leave the city of Derna, which the raids targeted Saturday, around two weeks before the raid.

The Pentagon has announced that it killed an Iraqi national IS leader called Abu-Nabil in air strikes on Libya.

The source affirmed that Abu-Nabil is alive in the city of Sirte, and supervises the training of a group of fighters in Aldhaheer area.

Sirte, according to insiders is said to have witnessed a celebrating armed motorcade of the Paris attacks on Friday.

Cars raised black flags and used microphones for chanting and celebrating in the areas of Bohady, Noufalia, Hrawa and Zamzam.