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Justice and Construction Party accuses the UAE


The Justice and Construction Party condemned, Monday, what it described as “disgraceful behavior” of the UAE. Pointing to violations to “Libyan state sovereignty and all international treaties and charters by interfering in Libya’s internal affairs”.

The party accused the UAE of feuding conflict and causing instability inside Libya, and carrying out airstrikes inside Libya that killed tens of civilians.

The party urged in a statement, Monday, all stakeholders, including the United Nations, Arab League and African Union to put an end to such violations.

The UAE previously was accused of intervening in Libyan affaires, by supporting one side in the multisided conflict inside Libya. According to leaked documents obtained by New York times newspaper, the UAE violated arms embargo imposed on Libya by the Security Council, by providing arms to one side in the conflict, which undermines efforts to reach political settlement in Libya.

News also emerged that the UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, has negotiated with the UAE for a job offer in Diplomatic Academy for 50 thousands of dollars a month, which contradicts his main mission in Libya, which is to bring peace between warring factions each supported by regional states including UAE itself.

The UAE also accused of detaining Libyan businessmen without any formal accusations. The detainees are subjected to different kinds of physical and psychological torture, as they are denied of defendant lawyers. Also, arrest operations can’t be called legal, but were carried out through abductions, then detention in unknown locations.