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HoR discusses the south initiative and Saleh in Paris


House of Representatives (HoR) held, Monday, general session to discuss the initiative proposed by representatives of the south, and the fate of dialogue team.

This initiative cites the approval of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and agreement draft with some amendments, 90 lawmakers signed the initiative from total 125.

It is worth mentioning that the session was held today under the chairmanship of the second vice Hamid Houm, as the president of the council left to France to attend the 38th session for UNECO launched today. The session was also delayed last week as the president was in Saudi Arabia attending the Arab-Latin summit.

On the other hand the chief of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, has arrived in Paris on Sunday with a Libyan delegation to attend the 38th annual meeting of UNESCO.

A close source to Saleh affirmed that Saleh’s participation in the convention ending on 18th November is a strong message of the Libyan support to the government and people of France in such tough time after Paris attacks that killed nearly 130 persons.

Observers, in the meantime, note that Saleh’s visits and participations in late conventions may be hindering the Libyan talks. A HoR session concerning the formation of the GNA was cancelled the past week for Saleh’s Riyadh trip to take part in an Arab-Latin summit.

Saleh is to present Libya’s vision to “UNESCO” in the light of the challenges facing the world and messing with cultural and human heritage, and facing terrorism.

The future of the Libyan talks is unclear after the latest accusations of bias against the latest UN representative in Libya, Bernardino Leon, after negotiating a job in the Emirati government funded diplomatic academy before ending his term as the UN mediator in Libya. The Emirates is known for supporting one camp of the Rivals in Libya.