Home News Boghafeir killed in clashes against IS in Derna

Boghafeir killed in clashes against IS in Derna


The Commander of Ali Hassan Al-Jaber battalion, colonel Mohamed Boghafeir, was killed during confrontations against IS in Derna, Sunday, in Al-Fatayeh axis.

Source familiar with the matter said that Boghafeir’s body arrived to Alharish hospital in Derna, as he was injured in suicidal attack during the clashes.

The source added that youth in the city and Derna Shoura Council, in cooperation with military unites, launched, Sunday, operation Al-Quba Martyrs “Shohadaa Al-Quba”, to liberate Al-Fatayeh area from IS. He added “youth and Derna Shoura council attacked Al-Fatayeh area on three axis after targeting the area with artillery”.

It is worth mentioning that Derna is witnessing armed clashes between Derna revolutionaries Shoura Council and youth, with military unites, against IS, who was expelled to the out strikes of the city after clashes that killed leader Salim Derby, months ago.

From another side, sources said that clashes in the city between the IS and Derna revolutionaries Shoura Council killed and injured many from both sides, and at least five citizens were killed in suicidal attack carried out by the IS in Al-Sahel area.

Four members of the IS were killed in Alsalat and Al-Kourfat Al-Sabe neighborhood. Derna revolutionaries Shoura Council mourned colonel Mohamed Boghafeir was killed during confrontations against the IS in the city.