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NCHR condemns the continuing displacements of Libyans


The Libyan National Commission for Human Rights expressed its deep concern about the continuity of mass displacements that has been forced on population of Wady Al-Haiy area since june 2012 by armed groups, and held the Libyan authorities the legal, ethical and humanitarian responsibility for the continuing displacements for the fourth year in a row with no efforts to return them.

The commission renewed its fears in a statement, Saturday, calling the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and the international Committee for Investigating Human Rights violations to investigate the violations of the international law taking place with the displaced families, estimated to be 300 families moved to Tripoli, Al-asabaah, and Bani-Waleed. More than 250 houses were burnt and destroyed.

The statement called for ending the impunity and serving justice and compensating the victims and those affected. The commission said that those crimes are responsible for the arising wide range violations.

The commission also called the International Council for Human Rights and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, to remind the Libyan government of its obligation concerning cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC), according to the mandate given to the court by the Security Council resolutions 2174/2014 and 1970/2011 , to investigate all cases of offenses that are classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity and serious violations of international humanitarian law, including mass forced displacement of civilians crimes, war crimes and crimes against humanity that took place in Libya since February 2011. In addition to working to lift immunity for those involved in crimes and violations committed against civilians in Libya.