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Libya calls for a comprehensive approach in Malta Summit 


Libya welcomes African and European cooperation in curbing migration.

The chief of Libya delegation in the migration summit in Malta, stressed in his statement before the participants that sustainable solution with comprehensive approach, rather than a military solution, is needed for the migration crisis.

The deputy Prime Minister for institutions, Abdulrahman Al-Ahirash stressed that such comprehensive approach doesn’t deprive countries of the right to manage its boarders, force security, organize travel movement and fight regular crime and smuggling.

Al-Ahirash explained that Libya has provided economic and humanitarian initiatives to help local and village communities in a number of West African countries and the Sahel, since the economic development projects in water, agriculture, and roads contribute to the alleviation of poverty, improving living conditions, providing real job opportunities and enable them to a decent life in their own countries.

Al-Ahirahs welcomed cooperation with the European Union, Arab and African countries in migration crisis. He pointed out that the situation needs launching a joint cooperation programs with Libya and a package of concrete and practical solutions on Libya’s southern border to curb migration and crime flows from West Africa, since paths go to Europe via the southern border of Libya.

Libya welcomed the foundation of migration credit fund that include 24 European countries. Malta hosted a migration summit in the past 2 days with the participation of 60 countries.

FRONTEX estimate that more than 750.000 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe from January to October of this year, through Eastern Mediterranean, while 140.000 illegal migrant reached Italy through the Libyan coast. In 2010, only 4500 migrants reached Italy through Libya.