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US airstrike targets IS leader in Derna city


The Pentagon announced, Saturday, that the Islamic State (IS) in Libya, Wisam Najm Abd-Zayd Al-Zubaidi (Abu Nabil), was killed by a US airstrike on IS sites, in the east of the city of Derna and Al-Fatayeh, in the eastern side of Libya.

The strikes targeted Omar Almokhtar university, Albent valley and Al-Khabta valley. Sources said that targeted sites in Al- Fatayeh are mostly warehouses for weapons, ammunitions, vehicles and mechanisms for the IS.

Eyewitnesses said that war-planes started flying over the city of Derna about 3:00am until 5:00am, sounds of explosions were heard all over the city.

Source inside Shoura Council of Mujahedeen Derna, denied reports about being hit by war-planes, either in Al-Baida or Tobruq, where his troops are stationed.

According to the Daily Beast website, two US officials confirmed that the airstrike targeted  Al-Zubaidi, on Friday, it was carried out by F-15 aircraft, marks the first time the US has directly gone after IS outside of Iraq and Syria.

Wisam Al-Zubaidi, or Abu Nabil al Anbarian, is an Iraqi national, who once led Al-Qaeda operations in part of Iraq; then at some point after that, he moved to eastern Libya to lead the IS there.

Observers tried to link between the Friday evening terror attacks on Paris, by the IS, but US officials said that the strike in Libya is completely not related to the terror attacks that took place in Paris Friday night, leaving at least 127 people dead.

It is important to mention that the IS carried out a wave of terror attacks in Paris. The IS itself claimed responsibility Saturday, calling the attacks “miracles” in a written statement.