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Captives’ exchange between Wersheffana and Al-Zawya


A captives’ exchange happened between cities of Wersheffana and Al-Zawya, on Thursday, after a signing a reconciliation meeting.

The exchange was under the supervision of reconciliation committees from the west mountain cities in Be’r Al-Ghanam area. The signed agreement forces seize-fire between both parties in addition to starting an inclusive reconciliation.

The agreement provides for withdrawing armed men in a range of 4 kilometers in both areas, in addition to forming a committee to supervise the cease-fire urgently. The sponsoring and the formed committees hold the responsibility of executing the agreement.

The signed agreement demands forming an international investigation committee to follow up the accident of the helicopter fall.

The signatories stressed that no one shall be captured for his identity and stopping hatred enticed by media.

More than once, armed confrontations between Libya Dawn forces in Al-Zawya and the tribes’ army in Wersheffana caused killings, injuries and captures.