Home News America aids Tunisia to monitor its borders with Libya

America aids Tunisia to monitor its borders with Libya


The American Foreign Minister, John Kerry, said that the USA is holding an international conference next month to discuss ways of peaceful settlement in Libya.

Kerry stressed, in a press conference in Tunisia on Friday, the importance of Libyans choosing a legitimate government that represents them in the international community.

The Tunisian Foreign Minister, Al-Tayeb Al-Bakoush, expressed consensus with America concerning the peaceful resolution in Libya, adding that Libya is still a source of concern for Tunisia as it works as a Jihad recruitment spot for Tunisian youth.

Al-Bakoush said that America aids Tunisia to monitor its borders with Libya. Kerry added that his country planned $250 million dollars as security aids to Tunisia, in addition to American military advisor who will be arriving soon to discuss sending drones for surveillance.

Kerry said that the Islamic State group, IS, has to know that its days near end and it has no future ahead, then the strategy in fighting it, will be more clear.

Kerry stressed that security is essential and must be paired with strengthening the economy and development. He added that America wants success for Tunis, as its democracy is in full swing.