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Tripoli: the arrest of UAE soldier for spying


General prosecution in Tripoli, announced the arrest of UAE soldier accused of spying, after finding evidences and documents on his personal computer.

Prosecutor Seddeq Al-Sour said that the soldier, named “Youssef Sager Ahmed Mubarak”, was arrested in Tripoli after revealing his activities through intelligence information.

He added “investigation continues by the General Prosecution, as documents on his computer showed that he was  spying for foreign country”.

From his side, Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, Major General Khamis Mattar Al-Mazina said “what appeared in Libyan social media about the arrest of Dubai police officer on charges of spying for a foreign country is totally untrue”.

He pointed that, “Youssef Sager Ahmed Mubarak” was working for Dubai police as sergeant, but was suspended from service after his involvement in moral accusations in 2011.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE arrested number of Libyan businessmen, since August last year, without any formal accusations or reasons. Arrest operations were done through kidnapping, then transported to unofficial locations and weren’t allowed access to lawyer, tortured in different ways. No official accusations were directed, except against two who were charged with accusations related to Libya’s internal affairs.