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Bash-Agha boycotts any official post in the coming stage


The boycotting member of the House of Representative, HoR, Fathy Bash-Agha has announced that he won’t be accepting any official post in Libyan in the next stage.

Bash-Agha was expected to hold the presidency of the Council of National Defense and National Security in the Government of National Accord (GNA).

“In such critical and historic moments in the history of our precious Libya, I announce that I won’t be accepting any proposal or nomination for an official post. I am satisfied with the honor of belonging to Libya, in which we were born and will die,” Bash-Agha wrote on his Facebook page.

Bash-Agha noted that “personal interests and selfishness were extremely present in the political scene and stumbling the talks”. He also added that foreign interventions wouldn’t have any effect, unless for who helped them from the inside with their weak souls to achieve their personal interests even if the price was Libya.

He also called all parties to be responsible, be aware of the challenges in such stage, and work for the good of the nation.