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A report uncovers the IS money circles in Libya


Money sources for different groups including the Islamic State, IS, which proliferated lately in several Libyan cities, in addition to Syria and Iraq, has been the ultimate question for the whole world.

A report in Libya News 24 followed the puzzle uncovering a number of funding chains that lead to transferring most of money and gold outside Libya.

Sources inside the city of Sirte assert that the IS has delegated a number of foreign fighters to collect money from citizens of the city that has fallen in the group’s hands last January.

Five IS affiliates arrived in Libya coming from Syria and Iraq to Sirte, 2 weeks ago, to withdraw huge quantities of gold, US dollars and Egyptian pounds, saved with group leaders, to transfer to Turkey and other countries in the region, Libya News 24 reported.

Leaders of Shura Council of Mujahideen in Derna, that took part in fighting against the IS lately in the city, confirmed the story. They say that a multinational group from Tajikistan, the former Soviet Union, Syria and Iraq arrived in Sirte headed by someone called Bashar Abdullah Al-Ansary.

The group was able to loot 5 gold medals and funds outside Libya through Egypt, in addition to cell phones and GPS devices. The group helped transferring spoils to the group leader Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi.

Anti-IS Salafist group asserted that the IS prince of Sirte is working on securing roads to move the money the group stole from Libyan banks to countries south Libya by foreign fighters.

More than 13.000 families have moved out of the city since the group controlled it in January, the National Committee for Human Rights estimates. The Committee said that citizens suffer from difficult humanitarian and living conditions, in addition to the closure of all state institutions including security centers.