Home News 16 killed form Libyan army in Benghazi

16 killed form Libyan army in Benghazi


Official military spokesperson said that 13 members of Libyan army, affiliated to the interim government, were killed, Tuesday, in the eastern city of Benghazi while attempting to move towards areas and camps controlled by terrorist groups, according to the spokesperson.

Official spokesperson of special forces, Milod Al-Zewi, said, to Libyan News Agency, that “death toll among army and supporting unites raised to 16 dead, and 27 others were injured during operations in Benghazi axises”.

He confirmed that 13 were killed, Tuesday. He didn’t mention whether the other three died at the same day.

Al-Zewi declared that “most soldiers were killed by landmines planted by elements of terrorist organizations in several areas of the city, about a thousand kilometers from the east of the capital Tripoli”.

Despite the loss of 13 soldiers, he regarded that “armed forces made progress and victory. And succeed to control several camps”, stressing that “Battles continue and will not stop until the liberation of all areas where remnants of terrorist groups concentrated”.

Benghazi is still suffering under shelling, displacement and the ongoing battles between the Libyan army, under the leadership of Khalifa Haftar, on one side, and the forces of the Revolutionaries Shura Council of Benghazi, on the other hand.