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Will Kobler be with Tobrok or Tripoli?

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By: Abdul-Razzag Dahish*

The United Nations representative in Libya, Bernardino Leon, knew that it wasn’t his job to implant justice in Libya, while

Abdul-Razzag Dahish
Abdul-Razzag Dahish

Libyans had to know that the man’s task was to achieve stability, only stability.

The ambassador of the UN headed to the possible solution, no one denies that the perfect solution is difficult and probably impossible.

The Spanish diplomat knew 3 quarters of the problem, most importantly, he knew 3 quarters of its parties too. The only thing he didn’t do is not meeting all Libyans one by one as it is a way of resolving.

The man flew 3 continents to approach Libyans to each other and to keep Libya in within the international interest. He tried to switch the roles of many to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.

He kept dividing himself amongst a lot like a juggler catching every plate before it falls.

He distributed promises to all players and appointments to all parties. He knew about the existence of psychological, political, and ideological barriers as well as antipathy.

He knew that love won’t gather Libyans, so they must be gathered by fear, as the boat doesn’t differentiate its passengers when sinking, and death doesn’t come according to identity.

Leon remained accused of biasing to the other side, because he didn’t come to achieve justice, and what a party sees it justice, the other will see it executioner. The man didn’t ask any Libyan to provide a clean criminal record or a guarantee for good behaviors, because his duty was to rehabilitate Libya to get a certificate of freedom from impurities and restore stability, and time is merciless.

Leon didn’t succeed in his job, this is a fact, but he didn’t fail, that is an ethical fairness. The man was the victim of authoritarian culture of the negotiators, every part wanted everything or no one gets anything, or to be a victim to an international community that lacks seriousness with whom lacks good intentions.

The question now is; from where will the new envoy, Martin Kobler start? Will he start from where Leon ended without getting busy knowing the problem or wasting time on knowing its parties? Will he start over with a new game plan and take the Libyan file to square one?

In the first case, he may be heading to the same burrow to get the same sting. In the other case, he will have to pay his share of the wasted time bill, even if Libyans will pay it alone in their time and blood.

Truthfully, no one Kobler, or even a million of him, is able to help Libyans unless they are capable of helping themselves.

It will be added to Kobler’s resume if he succeeds in his task, if not, nothing is taken from his record.

The German diplomat won’t be out of the job, even if he came on dispensing lists of the “Ban Ki-moon” organization.

Libyans will stay out of hope. He might be their successful partner but if they fail, they will suffer it alone.

*A Libyan Writer