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UAE charges Libyans for supporting Libya Dawn


The State Security Prosecution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) directed, Monday, charges for Libyan businessman accusing him of supporting “Terrorist Libya Dawn organization” according to the indictment of State security.

The list of accusations included businessman Adel Nasif, while businessman Moaz Al-Harrary appeared in front of court for the same charges on 14 October. investigation with Al-Harrary and Nasif is expected to be on 23 this month in front of the UAE prosecution.

This came while no accusations were yet directed against Salim Al-Erady, Kamal Al-Dharrat and Eissa Almanaa, who were arrested in the UAE since August 2014.

It is worth mentioning that Arab and international human rights organizations alerted to the suffering of Libyan detainees in the UAE from physical torture and verbal insults.

The detainees are subjected to different kinds of physical and psychological torture, as they are denied of defendant lawyers. Also, arrest operations can’t be called legal, but were carried out through abductions, then detention in unknown locations.