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Serbia captured Libyans after its diplomats were abducted


The mayor of the Libyan city of Sabratha, Hussein Aldwady, accused Serbia of detaining compatriot Libyan students in a response to the abduction of two Serbian embassy staff in Libya earlier this week.

Aldwady said to a Libyan channel on Monday that the Serbian authorities arrested Libyan students in the airport before travelling to Libya.

“We are astounded by the Serbian authorities’ reaction to its diplomats’ abduction while it is aware of our efforts to locate them”, Aldwady added.

Two Serbian employees of the embassy in Tripoli were abducted on Sunday in a fire attack on a convoy that included the ambassador Oliver Potezica.

Aldwady said, two days ago, that there are systematic trials to defame the city and blamed the embassy for the abduction because it didn’t inform them of the motorcade time.

“The first responsible is the embassy, since its cars passed without notifying us to secure them”, he said denying the existence of any terrorism cells in the city. Aldwady is affiliated to Libya Dawn group.

Sabratha is located 70 kilo-meters to the west of the capital city, Tripoli, and is controlled by groups known to be affiliated with Libya Dawn that controls the western side of the country, under the leadership of the General National Congress (GNC.