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Al-Harary: NOC is objective and independent


The spokesperson for the National Oil Corporation, NOC, Mohamed Al-Harary, asserted that the corporation is independent from all parties and political disputes, and practices its activities objectively.

“The corporation provides fuel to all Libyan cities”, Al-Harary said in a press statement.

The head of the NOC in Tripoli, Mostafa Sana-Allah, estimated current production rate with 415.000 barrels per day, while daily exports ranges from 320.000 to 330.000 bpd.

Most of the production comes from Al-Khaleej Al-Araby, Sirte, and Melleta oil companies, in addition to Seabed field, according to Sana-Allah.

Sana-Allah assured that negotiations to reopen Sharara field are in final stage, while negotiations continue concerning El-Feel field. Production is expected to reach 450.000 bpd.