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Oil war between Barqa government and Tripoli government


By: Mohamed Egmia*

Oil war between tribal militias of the two governments, in east and west of the country, will be the worst between all civil wars

Mohamed Egmia
Mohamed Egmia

erupted in Libya, and a turning point in Libyan crisis.

It is the war where tribalism would uncover its awful true face, and where the last mulberry paper will fall of the House of Representatives ( HoR), which is under the control of eastern tribal militias, and the General National Congress (GNC), which its militias are responsible for this division and fueling civil war and Seditions between different cities and tribes.

Today, Barqa separatists raise the slogan “finally, Barqa recovered its mildly rights, and the dominance of western Libya on oil revenues and wealth of the country is over”, after tribal militias controlling oil terminals announced their monopoly over oil sales in favor of the eastern government, and their warning to oil companies from dealing with the one in the west or the affiliated National Oil Corp or the Central Bank, redrawing frontiers is the only thing that is left. But the question remains: is this going to end here and western government will accept the statues- quo and coexist with its denial of oil revenue, their only fund supplier that they shared with eastern government?

The Prime Minister of the “interim government” in the east, was prevented by tribal militias from leaving abroad many times during the last months and placed under house arrest, and forced by other militias to change his minsters or ambassadors for purely tribal reasons. Such prime minister doesn’t have the right to issue any kind of commands to any militia.

Of course it is the same for the government in the west, which couldn’t secure any road in the out strikes of Tripoli, but it couldn’t secure itself when one of its ministers was kidnapped and her headquarter was attacked, all what it did is asking for help from another militia.

The truth is that heads of the current Libyan governments are just poor representatives, with suites and ties, forced to play the role of prime ministers of delusional governments owns nothing. And the same is the majority of Libyan people who are helpless in light of the dominance of extremist religious and tribal militias.

Away from all slogans and propaganda promoted by the outgoing HoR and GNC, and despite their keenness to keep away any suspicions of any separatist intentions either on rhetoric or demagogic measure, like granting ministerial posts to personal affiliated to tribes of the other side; However, the GNC of Tripoli and the HoR of Tobruk has already turned to actual leaders of separatist project, and tools to dismember the country, for personal interests and the interests of countries supporting each. The last task, for both, the GNC and the HoR, after feuding this oil war, to divide Libya, that’s when their job is over.

Not necessarily that all members of the HoR and the GNC are supporters of this separatist project or scheme to divide the country, but extremist leaders of both sides are minority supported by powerful militias on the ground and regional states. In addition to another important factor, which is the so-called “sexual control” or sex scandals that have become – unfortunately – one of the most important decision-making factors in Libya. According to recognition by a number of deputies from the GNC and what has been leaked from the scandalous recordings for number of political characters.

Libyans will certainly discover all the lies of Libya Dawn and Dignity militias; there is no difference between both of them, either the one who claimed his aim was to liberate Tripoli airport, which he destroyed and burned, and declared separatist government, and the other side who claimed that he is seeking to liberate Benghazi city and ended up destroying it, displaced its civilians in neighboring countries, and appointed himself as the commander for an army of militias.

Both of them will disappear, either who has put the cloak of Muslim Brotherhood or the suit of army officers, as they are just pragmatists and gangs running fast towards power at any cost. They are not Muslim Brotherhood neither their opponents are military officers. even if Gaddafi appeared, you would see the same figures putting on the green colors and chant his life in yards and fields.

After all destruction and devastation caused by the parties to division and rivalry, we do not believe that Libyans are still scared by scarecrow “political vacuum”, but perhaps that “vacuum” used by both, the HoR and the the GNC, to threat Libyans, might carry hope to save Libya from those who spearhead the scene for years and only inflicted more war and killing, displacement and destruction.

This “political vacuum” might be a chance for Libyans to put an end to their suffering, and chose substitute approved by all Libyans, rather than submitting to the status quo and wait for an all-out war prepared by both parties to be burnt for each Libyan, the matter firstly and at last is at the hands of Libyan people to decide when this tragedy will come to an end.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source