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Fighters exchange between IS and Misrata


Libyan sources confirmed that the Libyan branch of Islamic State (IS) and Misrata exchanged fighters, Sunday morning, at east part of the city.

Sources said to Libya Al-Mostakbal website, that the exchange included number of bodies and five elements of IS, were captured earlier, in exchange for five truck drivers of Al-Brega Corp., without their trucks, and three bodies of fighters from Misrata died during the fight of steam station in Sirte against the IS, while one truck driver is still in the custody of the group.

The drivers were kidnapped while heading from Misrata to the south for delivering loads of gas and fuel. Sources confirmed that the exchange was mediated by the Libyan Red Crescent.

It is worth mentioning that Libyan branch of IS, active in Sirte, has put list of conditions for the release of the abducted drivers, which included the recognition by the General National Congress (GNC), and avoiding  any confrontations with the group, turn blind eye to its movements in Sirte, in addition to humanitarian supplies like fuel and cooking gas. Sources mentioned that those conditions were rejected by the GNC.