Home News Al-Bakoush: Tunisian mafia abducts Tunisians in Libya

Al-Bakoush: Tunisian mafia abducts Tunisians in Libya


Tunisian Foreign Minister, Al-Tayeb Al-Bakoush, confirmed that a “Tunisian mafia” is involved in the kidnapping of Tunisians inside Libya, pointing that “the time hasn’t come yet to open this case”.

Al- Bakoush said to Tunisian media “Tunisia now avoids stopping Libyans wanted to justice, border authorities are sending them back to their country, given the lack of a centralized state to deal with”.

Al- Bakoush’s statement comes after surge in frequents abductions of Tunisians inside Libya to swap with Libyans stopped or arrested in Tunisia.

Al-Bakoush pointed that the Justice agreement, signed between Tunisia and Libya in the sixties of the last century, can not be activated due to the lack of centralized state in Libya that Tunisian authorities can deal with, as he puts it.

Activist organizations and groups in Libya and Tunisia confirmed earlier frequent kidnappings against Tunisians inside Libya.

From another side, border areas between both countries, specially Bin-Girdan city, where the main crossing between both countries, are witnessing increasingly strained situation as residents of the area deliberately cut the link road between Tunisia and Libya, fearing of infiltration of Libyan fighters working on the abduction of Tunisians from within their territories.