Home News NCHRL condemns policies towards displaced in Sirte

NCHRL condemns policies towards displaced in Sirte


The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) condemned Libyan authorities’ actions and polices towards displaced families of Sirte, who are suffering difficult humanitarian conditions.

The NCHRL said in a statement, Saturday, that sources inside municipalities of east and west Sirte reported the number of displaced in the city hit 13 thousand families, according to local resources.

The NCHRL said that the interim government formed a crisis committee during last couple of months, and granted it 18 million dinars, but Libyan authorities couldn’t relieve the suffering of fleeing and displaced civilians, in the awake of extremely difficult humanitarian situation.

The statement confirmed that the city of Sirte is witnessing lack of financial liquidity in its closed banks for months, and various types of internet and telephony interruption since the last week of of August, beside, lack of available medicines and the departing of medical staff, with the escalation of crimes and violations of the Islamic State (IS), the terrorist organization against civilians.