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Malan: Leon’s acceptance for UAE offer job is betrayal


A member of the Italian Senate described reports about the acceptance of United Nations Envoy, Bernardino Leon, a job offer in the Diplomatic Academy in the UAE as “extremely dangerous” as “the UAE is accused of supporting one party in the Libyan civil war”, according to his words.

According to the Italian News Agency (AKI), Luzhou Malan, from the opposition party Forza Italia, said that “Leon’s acceptance to that position means his Betrayal to the mission he was assigned to as unbiased mediator between Libyan warring factions, and a proof that he was thinking of his own interests more than peace in Libya”.

He wondered “does the Italian government, which has long supported Leon, aware of what is happening? why didn’t we hear any opposing sounds to stop this unfortunate initiative?”.

Leon stated earlier that his “acceptance to the job offer in the UAE doesn’t contradict at all with his mission in Libya”, which ends within few days. The UN radio quoted the diplomatic as saying in New York that “he followed the exact procedures for such situations”, and asked reporters and journalists to focus on the suggested political agreement.

From another side, the Security Council expressed, Saturday, its “ continued concern towards political, security and administrative crisis and ongoing terrorists threats in Libya”.

According to Anadolu Agency (AA), The council threatens, in a statement to impose sanctions against “those who threaten peace, stability and security in Libya, or those who are working to undermine the successful completion of the political transition process in the country.”

The statement stressed that “the political agreement and the Government of National Accord GNA), in late October, is a real opportunity to settle the situation, after a thorough and extensive consultations led by Libyans, and in the framework of the dialogue mediated by the United Nations”.

Council members welcomed “support slogans by Libyan parties to form the Government of National Accord”, and encouraged all participants in the dialogue process to “sign the political agreement and form unity government that would work in favor of all Libyans”.

Council members also warned of any activities that would threaten or undermine “safety and unity of Libyan financial institutions and The National Oil Corp.”, stressing the need for such institutions to work for the sake of all Libyans.

The statement mentioned that “sanctions committee is ready to name those who are threatening peace and stability in Libya, or working to undermine the completion of the transitional period”.

The council also expressed its concern about “continuing fighting, destruction and growing casualties in different parts of the country”, calling for an immediate end to the violence.

The council condemned continuing attacks and repression, especially in the city of Sirte, confirming the “urgent need to deal with such threats and threats of the Islamic State (IS), Ansar Al-Sharia and all groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda organization.