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CDA members demand the resignation of its presidency


Some members of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) issued a statement demanding the resignation of the presidency of the CDA.

Members also demand the formation of investigation committee to investigate what was stated in the report of Audit Bureau in respect to the financial and administrative irregularities of the body.

The statement said that “performance of the presidency of the CDA did not meet the ambitions of our compatriots, including members of the CDA”. Adding that members of the CDA examined thoroughly reasons that caused confusion inside the assembly and then members couldn’t achieve constitutional consensus.

Members added that “the presidency of the assembly couldn’t put specific working plan that enables members to achieve final draft for the constitution”.

They accused the presidency of marginalizing all members of the commission and shorthand their will to be consistent with their wishes,  pursued a policy of ambiguity, whether administrative or financial or technical, which would create a divergence between the chairmanship of the CDA and its member”.

Members mentioned that “the past year and half proved the presidency failure to manage its affairs which is reflected negatively on all members of the body and create differentiated between them”.

The statement added that “during consultation meeting on 3 November 2015, and in front of different subjects raised, members signed this statement demanding the resignation of the chairmanship of the assembly, so that new members could renew the structural refurbishment and expansion of participation in the management and attention to the constitutional process image which every Libyan is aspiring to”.

They added that they tried many times to advise the presidency, but “tendency of monopoly and the consideration of the possibilities of the body as righteous belongings to give or deprive broke the will of the body”.  The presidency committed endless contradictions among members, pursued policy of “donations and benefits” for some members, and failed to provide detailed financial periodic reports, or rely on experts from members of the body in putting specific schedule to adhered to.

The statement was signed by the members; Signatories: Daw Almansoury Oun, Mohamed Abdallah Lagha, Mohamed Abdelrahman Balrowen, Salah Abo-Khazam, Albadry Mohamed Alshareif, Abdel-Qader Abdallah Aqdourah, Abdel-Hameed Jibril, Mohamed Alsaryand Ebtisam Ahmed Baheh.