Home News Unclear fate of 50 Tunisian abductees in Libya

Unclear fate of 50 Tunisian abductees in Libya


An official in the Tunisian foreign ministry stated that 50 Tunisian nationals are to be released after being abducted in Libya, while unofficial sources confirm that more than half of them were released.

Tohamy Alabdouly attacked what he called “the parallel diplomacy” undertaken by human rights activists in the case of the abducted Tunisians in Libya.

An activist, Mustafa Abdul-Kabeer said on Friday that 30 abductees were already released while other 20 are to be released soon after the Tunisian Judiciary set free a Libyan battalion leader, Alaa-eddin Faraj in a “terrorism case” in Tunisia.

The Tunisian foreign ministry hasn’t announce any releases yet after Tohamy expected releases on Friday on the margin of the concluding the work of a Tunisian-Mauritanian committee.