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Justice and Construction statement on Leon’s latest scene


The Justice and Construction party has issued a statement on Thursday concerning what was lately revealed about the appointment of United Nations envoy to Libya, Bernardino Loen as the head of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, as his term ended in September 1st.

The statement, which was received by LIBYAPROSPECT, asserted that the Libyan talks was undertaken by an organization, which Libya is a member in, adding that the process was on the level of states and organizations not persons.

The Academy announced on Wednesday that it joined the Spanish diplomat to its staff.  Since then, media reports, including the British newspaper “The Guardian” questioned the objectivity and integrity of Leon’s efforts in running the talks. “The United Nations special representative in Libya spent the summer negotiating a £35,000-a-month job with a Gulf state that supports one side in the civil war he was trying to end, the Guardian can reveal,” it reported.

The newspaper also publishes excerpts from e-mails between Leon and the Emirati foreign minister Abdullah Ben Zayed about managing the Libyan crisis, and aiding the Emirati diplomats.

The statement asserted that any UN envoy to Libya must have a sum of objectivity and integrity that separates him from political disputes.

The party’s statement also shed light on that it chose talks from the beginning, although the justifiableness of criteria for choosing talks parties and running the talks. It also added that the party was aware of the international support so it didn’t recognize the ruling to dissolve the House of Representatives, HoR, in Tobrok.