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Abusahmain’s nonsenses 


 By: Salah EL-Shalwy*

Nuri Abusahmain has taken away the decision from the General National Congress (GNC), and deprived it of its will. Such thing

Salah El-Shalwy
Salah El-Shalwy

has become tangible fact agreed upon amongst the GNC members themselves.

Average and experienced observers can easily see that the GNC has become helpless after delegating powers to Abusahmain. They know it when regret is useless; they are now trying to hide from the rolling snow ball, but where to go?

In his efforts to diminish the talks, Abusahmain entices Russia to intervene in the Libyan matter, Haftar and Saqr Aljurushi, did the same with other regional countries. The common thing between Haftar and Abusahmain is that they both try to ruin the talks and cut the road in front of the Government of National Accord (GNA), which won’t guarantee them the roles they aspire.

Haftar is outside the game and fears prosecution and loss of powers, Abusahmain fears loss of powers too, since he won’t be the head of the Supreme Council. Abusahmain went to Russians, as some stupid told him that recalling aspiring Russians is the best way to shuffle the cards. But Abusahmain doesn’t care what will happen next, even if Libya turns into another Syria.

This is nonsense and authoritarian vagary. One is missing in the scene is who can put the GNC chief back to his place. Responsibility falls on who granted him powers he doesn’t deserve and watched his nonsenses without moving, may be who condemned did the least of the political awareness. The GNC is still watching how his chief is driving things to the brink without moving as if they aren’t responsible for his doings?

The GNC can only reverse this wrong situation by cancelling the authorization it granted to Abusahmain. He was able to create followers with non-political methods, with fear and desire, which reached in some cases threats of surrounding the GNC building by groups under his authority, who may wait for him to share dinners and nights.

From here, the GNC must know that it holds the direct legal and legal responsibility of all Abusahmain’s doings and their political, security, economic and social consequences. They mustn’t get busy with reactions and replying to these words as this won’t benefit voters who chose them or stop damage Abusahmain is doing with powers granted to him. If Abusahmain won’t stopped this week, regret wouldn’t be of benefit then.

*A Libyan activist

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source