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The GNC threatens Europe


The General National Congress, GNC, has threatened to flood Europe with hundreds of thousands of African migrants unless the EU gives it official recognition.

Libyan coasts are considered a launching point of illegal migration across the Mediterranean to the European coasts especially Italy.

The GNC has warned it could cease trials to stop people from making the journey to Europe and even hire boats for them.

More than 130,000 migrant have arrived in Italy from Libya this year, but officials expect many more to come if they ended coastguard patrols and stoped detaining illegal immigrants from other parts of Africa.

“I have advised my government many times that we should hire boats and send them to Europe,” said GNC spokesman Jamal Zubia to the Daily Telegraph:

Libya has had two governments and parliaments since the forces allied to the GNC took control of Tripoli in August last year, forcing the internationally recognized government, affiliated to the House of Representatives, HoR, to move to the Eastern city of Tobrok.