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Reactions to Leon’s job offer in UAE



Reactions varied concerning the appointment of United Nations envoy ot Libya, Bernardino Leon, as general manager for Emirates Diplomatic Academy.

Some reactions criticized Leon, because he negotiated and talked with Emirates about the job offer; while some other opinions said it proves the inadequacy of the UN to mediate negotiations and find solution for the Libyan crisis.

Writer Samir Al-Sadawi said on his Facebook page that “it must

Samir Al-Sadawi
Samir Al-Sadawi

be admitted that Leon put himself and the UN in an untenable position, that he may be subject to accountability; but more important is the effect on dialogue process, it is a fatal mistake indeed”.

From his side, one of the leaders of Justice and construction Party, Abdulrazag El-Aradi, said on his Facebook page that Leon has to be more carful in obtaining his moral tally in the Libyan case. He added that “Leon should immediately abandon presidency of the UN mission to Libya, as long as he accepted a job in a country considered to be part in

Abdulrazag El-Aradi
Abdulrazag El-Aradi

the Libyan conflict”.

He added “I think this would improve chances of reaching final solution between Libyan rivals based on political process he started and contributed in mediating”.

Journalist Essa Abdalkauom said on his Facebook page that he considered Leon as un fair rival not mediator in the process. He added “it is not accusation but maturity based on what British Guardian published, as it said that Leon was negotiating his new job, since June and probably the whole last period, and

Essa Abdalkauom
Essa Abdalkauom

explicating his job for personal interests,  which means he wasn’t serious in his mission, even the newspaper said that it sow e-mails showed Leon negotiating to increase financial stake  for housing”.

He ended with sentence to Leon: “you will be followed with Al-keesh martyrs’ blood curse of wherever you go”.

Media practitioner, Mahmud Shammam, commented on what the Guardian published and said “we want answers from all parties, because Initial reading of the article throws dark shadows on negotiation process”.

Shammam mentioned the report by descripting it as a heavy duty

Mahmud Shammam
Mahmud Shammam

bomb, especially when the report showed emails from Leon to Foreign Minister of Emirates, explaining his plans in Libya, while he was negotiating with the minister on £1000 a day and a house in Sa’diat island on Abo Dhabi coast.

He referred to one email in which Leon said that his plan is to “break dangerous alliance between rich Misratans and islamists who keep the General National Congress (GNC) alive”.

Shammam cited Leon’s email in which he confirmed his desire to empower House of Representatives (HoR), as Leon said “I am not working on a political plan that includes every one, all my steps was negotiated, and many cases designed by the HoR, Aref Al-Nayed and Mahmoud Gibril”.

Shammam spoke about Leon’s answer to the Emirate’s minister “I can’t control where the dialogue is going, but as you know I am planning to stay as much as longer, because they see me biased to the HoR, I advised the United states and Britain and European Union to work with you”.

Shammam also mentioned Leon’s response to the Guardian as he said that “he have similar contacts with different countries supporting the other side”. Leon asked the newspaper not to publish the article and he was ready for exclusive interview with the paper.

Fadel Lamen, independent participant at Shkirate talks, said ”it is not important if Leon fell, actually he is not, because he is leaving Libya and heading to his life and interests, but what is more important is Libya and the Libyan people”.

He added that many Libyans was excited and said “let Leon go to

Fadel Lamen
Fadel Lamen

the hill”, but “Leon won’t go to the hill, he will go home to his family in stable and secured country, another future and better job; we are the ones who are heading to more fighting, conflict, bloodshed, displacement, poverty and terrorism”.

Lamen added “let me say and shout with you “down down Leon and Libyan – Libyan dialogue succeed under UN mediation”, then Lamen commented that “rivals won’t be able to mediate any dialogue, believe me; Leon, UN, international community and all Libyans would be rejoiced with Leon’s fall if the result is the success of Libyan dialogue, and Libyans success to stop war and bloodshed and prevent their country from collapse”.