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Justice and construction party…opponents panting 2/2


By: Abdulrazag El-Aradi*

Clamor was aroused, time spent around some decisions and positions Justice and Construction Party took concerning emerging issues on political scene, if the case has any negative side, it also has positive message of two faces; first, and more important, that

Abdulrazag El-Aradi
Abdulrazag El-Aradi

Libyan people and elites will no more accept submission to bodies and personals based on positions only without explanations and justifications.

Second, the party has an important effect on the national scene, which comes with huge responsibilities toward the country and citizens.

I found that some of those opinions are not worth wasting time reading, it would be better if rational and notables spend time discussing and responding.

Among those some people who tried by all means to outbid leadership and members of the Justice and Construction Party in their patriotism, and worse, they falsely accused them in their religion, honesty. if you read for them, don’t be surprised with contradiction you may find, as they have no position.

They took off our shoulders the burden of searching, and relieved us, they thought that they were harming us. They declared statues of war against Justice and Construction party.

Those words are not out of bride, but those who absorbed thoughts and ideology of the party won’t be limited with specific party, as the concept of party is not one of the constants they believe in, it they stayed they would be virtuous, if they graduated from Justice and Construction academy they will become notables, blessed wherever they are. Like those people will not shrugged of the declared war against the party, or provide vows, or slaughter offerings.

 Party’s atheism fatwa: 

Some honorable, we conjecture and believe that their motives are out of advice, we welcome what they say and take advantage of it in the evaluation of what we believe, and what we do. Some comments of those benevolent has struck me in the wake of certain things, some regarding the outlined positions, some refers to incidents and specific characters more than to the party as a whole body, but all the comments share the character of fraternal advice; “If the Lord had so willed, He could have made mankind one people: but they will not cease to dispute“.

Atheism fatwa is a funny sad moment; party consists of faithful individuals who say that no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, holding to fraternity in love of this country and its service. If the owner of this fatwa meant the party as a body, so his words are useless, and if he meant individuals, like the one cited verse precious “Those who turn back as apostates after guidance was clearly shown to them- the evil one has instigated them and busied them up with false hopes“, which means that they turned to disbelievers after faith, God forbid, or like the one who issued fatwa stating that leaving the party is of Sharia. I don’t consider this kind of fatwa a new thing, as they believe that partisanship is Koufr for them the same as betrayal.

I will try, taking into account brevity, to pay tribute to a set of principles that control our actions as Muslims dealing with public issues, and the requirements of the applicability of these principles to the work of Justice and Construction Party. then I move to a quick comment on some partial issues raised by the comments in my mind, may those good men allow me to provide some advice, and a try to respond beautifully, and excuses me as I think it is right.

Sharia between aggregation and elaboration

Most Muslim educators, aware that provisions of Islam are divided into two major divisions, below them many sections, some sections overlap.

God choose in the first section, elaboration and auditing, subsidiarity, due to the stability of most of its provisions, and its relation to the rights of individuals, and habits of human beings. Or due to its relation to worships God has prescribed for wisdom he knows, some times ignorance of all or some purposes may be at the heart of their worship.

God, as it is known, dealt with the second division differently, if not totally opposite, leaving out restrictions, opened the door for Muslims diligence, and inevitable generous act, with the condition of the believe of scholars, according to available data, the preponderance bring interest, or ward off evil.

Purists scientists used to make ward off evil, though some scholars do not believe this is required. (Raissouni / jurisprudence Revolution).


Interest is human doing:

Perceiving management of public affairs in life as a human matter is the measure that explains how the prophet and his companions and his successors treated matters of governance.

That’s why righteous caliphs violated the actions of the prophet, may peace be upon him, in some cases, and differed among themselves in the estimation of some of issues. they did things and then returned. They even violated the prophet, may peace be upon him, on issues when he was in their midst, he went down to their view, and considered it as human-interest measure.

As in a story, Al- Hubab Ebn El-Mundhir’s opinion in Badr foray, and prophet’s decision to go out  to Ohod,  despite El-Mundhir’s belief that the interest to stay in the city, and fortified it, and despite his frank vision, which is considered a revelation, because “the vision of the prophets inspired”, but clearly that the vision is from the unseen.

In another story, saad Ebn Moaz and Saad Ebn Obada, may Allah be pleased with them,  refused truce with Ghatfan tribe on half of Al-Madina crops, to pounce on the alliance with the Quraysh tribe and Quraizah. Saad said to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, after concluding the peace, leaving only the certification: “O Messenger of Allah, is the love of something that make us do it, or something God command you, we must work done, or something manufactured by us? He said, but something I do for you; what I do so only because I saw the Arabs shot you with one arc, and overcame you from every side, I wanted to break their thorn of you, “so they rejected truce, and God’s prophet, peace be upon him, canceled it.

In some stories, Qur’an came down in favor of an opinion opposes what the prophet and Abu Bakr may saw, as in the story of Badr prisoners, Omar said to kill them, the prophet, peace be upon him, agreed with the opinion of Abu Bakr, of not killing them. But Qur’an was frank along with Omar’s opinion; God said: “Had it not been for an ordinance of Allah which had gone before, an awful doom had come upon you on account of what ye took“. the prophet said “Only Omar Ibn Khattab would survive this”, For his opposition to the redemption of prisoners.

combines all these examples, we find that God wanted to leave that matter for minds of Muslims, knowing that, Almighty, it is linked to variable conditions, not strict rules, and are not subject to detailed fixed laws. That’s the reason for the immortality of this Sharia, and the manifestation of the Eminence of the Prophet, peace be upon him “night is like its day only mortal deviates.”

Treating political actions is the same as faith

Above introduction is necessary to understand the premises, and foundations of many of the Justice and Construction Party decisions and backgrounds for many actions of observers of public affairs among current generations of the nation.

One of the illness of the nation today is the formula logic minds, who are not aware of the difference between Sharia Laws, established on the basis of a legal text segmental that leads to segmental significance, and between the history of Islamic jurisprudence, and assumptions that have undergone realistic historical contexts.

The political and public affairs practicing, was and still given purely view based on interests, in which scholars’ experiences strive disciplined controls of Sharia, conscious by accident, absorbed the philosophy of history, and laws of human.

dealing with politics out of this logic certainly puts things in their proper context In the wake of Sharia and reality, avoid treating political behavior as faith or dropping legitimate terms, and approving misplaced provisions with no measurable conditions, which Is the main difference we experience today, when political issues are formulated in terms of belief not politics, following the habit of Salafi mind that usually formulate practical issues in terms of faith and believes. (D. Mohammed Ebn Mukhtar Shanqeeti; Imperial contemporary Fiqh and real estate state).


Fairness in considering men’s words

The origin of this section, is to look at every decision or position considering interests, and based on reading the historical moment data and context of events. The best it can get is that any opinion is right that might be wrong for those who said it, or wrong that may have some right for opponents, as Imam Shafei said in his in golden rule in fairness to look at the words of men.

Each position still will be at part right and at part wrong. Those who seek opinion, or say words, required to vomiting in revision of their requests, it comes with scrutinizing facts, and information and validation of positions. God will reward people based on their intentions, no one would be oppressed.

But monopoly of the right, owning truth, and the prosecution to see the uniqueness of national interest, is ignorance and contempt for people, which any wise man would disassociate himself from committing. Justice and Construction Party, nor its members, don’t claim it in their rhetoric, or get close to it.

The concept of the guardian

Talking about guardians to refer to is another wrong misplaced imagery. The concept of the guardian who people follow according to Albiea (allegiance) is an old one and isn’t applicable in the Libyan case. The guardian, as Libyans agreed in their constitutional declaration, is the body called the General National Congress, GNC, before the division.

This body can be the guardian when it is full-membered, not halted, not seizing its members’ will, and not abusing its sessions to reach majority decisions. Anything but this takes away the guardian position the GNC earned through social contract. The GNC is a moral character and is not guardian unless by what it issues after its organized deliberations.

Its chief, or another group, isn’t a guardian and can’t issue decisions, even mandates have their rules. There is a great difference between me executing your decision for you are a legitimate authority, or me believing your talk and being convinced by your opinion. What opposition do in democratic systems is not a matter of disobeying orders, but it is a matter of opposing views and peaceful fight in order to achieve the best for the homelands. “And if it were not for Allah checking [some] people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted“, Quran says.

The right won’t be tied to a person no matter how much he escalates in knowledge; people admire his speech. I repeat what I said earlier, Justice and Construction party is a political not religious body, it upholds the values of Islam. Parties like any other institutions; grows, renews, and may vanish. Members join and quit parties. A party’s stances may be right or wrong. Parties change their opinions, build alliances and diminish others. All of these are related to party’s values-driven actions.

*One of the leaders of Justice and Construction party

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source