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Military commander with Haftar announces his resignation

Faraj Agaim Al-Abdaly Al-Agouri resigns - Internet

Commander of special anti- terrorism task, Faraj Agaim Al-Abdaly Al-Agouri, announced his resignation from the command of Libyan army battalions affiliated to retired general Khalifa Haftar.

He mentioned that the reason for this decision is his complete inability in his last mission as commander for eastern axis of Benghazi, and his inability to enter Al-Sabery area in Benghazi, so his troops retreated to Al-Salam neighborhood and Abo-Dazirah, he also said that the resignation was due to shortage of supplies and ammunition.

From the other side, brigadier general Salem Al-Magbary published his testimony via video on social media, confirming that the reasons Al-Agouri gave for his resignation are real and present.

He seemed angry and distress when saying that financial statues of the army battalions in fighting axis are very bad, as there is no available capabilities or supplies from any part, in an obvious signal to his commanders, retired general Khalifa Haftar and Chief of Staff of House of Representatives (HoR) AbdelRazeq Al-Nadhoury.

Al-Magbary said “what our forces along fighting axis lose can’t be compensated, no one make up for us, we are present along all fighting axis including eastern, western, Al-Laithy, Al-Rajma and Banina axis”.

He added that shortage of supplies is up to the extent of not being able to get less needed things, so “we count on personal abilities in repairing what can be fixed from machines and equipments, as well as providing basic needs from food and clothes”.

In a moment of intense anger, he asked the photographer to show his shoes, which was a personal ,old and unusable shoe, and said that the officers are getting help from their sons and brothers in confrontations, as if the forces that is fighting don’t belong to an Army that cares and lead.

Then he talked about some people who were affiliated to militias, then suddenly, he said, we see them portrayed with army leader, Khalifa Haftar, as he put it. He said that this is happening, “While no one knows about our situation nor the command of the army or general staff, nor the presidency of House of Representatives.”

He asked army commanders to show some interest and pay field visits to fighting axis to follow up on officers and troops in different positions, so that they can make sure of the poor capabilities, and know reasons for their failure in taking control of important spots.

Some commentators and observers see Al-Agouri resignation as massive loss for Haftar that confirms his failure in the mission he promised to finish in weeks, whilst two years have passed till now.

Haftar launched last year the Dignity Operation , then the Doom Operation about two months ago, but failed in the two operations, and couldn’t even protect people when they got out, last week, to Al-Keesh square where shells killed and injured many protesters.