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Consensus on expanding presidency council to 9 members


The United Nations Special Mission in Libya said that there is an agreement to expand the configuration of presidency council from six members to nine members, pointing to the importance of the inclusion of this proposal in the text of Libyan political agreement.

This comes while foreign ministers of Algeria, Egypt, Italy held meeting to discuss Libyan crisis. UNSMIL declared that Libyan rivals agreed on the need to expand the presidency council to include the Prime Minister, five deputy Prime Ministers and three senior ministers.

the UN statement pointed that Libyan parties acknowledged the need for a high level cooperation and partnership between the Prime Minister and his deputies.

In continuation and support for the UN efforts, Algerian capital witnessed tripartite meeting at the level of foreign ministers of Algeria, Egypt, Italy, to consult on Libyan crisis. Participants emphasized the need for Libyan parties to reach a quick consensus on forming the Government of National Accord (GNA) that reflects political and geographical balance among different regions of Libya.

Trilateral meeting also stressed the importance of return of stability and security in Libya, which is reflected on the security of the whole region.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting is the third of its kind, and was preceded by intensive meetings in Cairo, included several parties, including the UN envoy, Bernardino Leon, who insists to continue his role until reaching political settlement.