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Al-Hariri passed away in a road accident


General Omar al-Hariri, the military official at the former Libyan Transitional Council, died following a painful incident on Monday evening, he was escorted by his wife on the road between Al-Qubba and Al-Baida in the eastern side of Libya.

According to Libyan News Agency, Al-Hariri was with number of his family members, who were injured and transported to Al-Thawra hospital in the city, their condition is stable.

Omar Al-Hariri was a general in the national army, went to military academy in 1964, graduated in 1966, as lieutenant at the then Libyan army. He joined free officers’ movement at 21/12/1964, he was effective member at the coup against the monarchy under the command of Gaddafi 1969. He was assigned the task of arresting the king. the Crown Prince was present at that time as the king was out of the country on a visit to Greece.

Events Accelerated after that, he underwent course for army staff, after his return he was appointed to command the Ninth Armored Brigade and the military area of ​​Tobruq.

In 1972, he was assigned the governor for Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar area, in April 1974 he was appointed secretary general for ministerial council, and in 1975 he participated at Al-Omarayn movement (Omar Al-Hariri and Omar Al- Mahishy) which didn’t succeed as Al-Mahishy escaped and Al-Hariri was imprisoned, he was responsible for the military’s file at National Transitional Council during the events of Libyan revolution in 2011.