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TOR calls for self-control concerning the plane fall


The Tripoli Operation Room, TOR, called all parties not to enter military operations; it also demanded relevant parties to inspect the causes of the plane fall in the city of Zawiya.

The TOR asserted in a statement that fighting criminals and outlaws needs cooperation between all cities. It elaborated that fighting will only increase the destruction of the Libyan cities, the loss of innocent lives and the displacement of families, Libya 24 website reports.

The statement convoyed the group’s condemnation if it was proven that the plan was fired down. The statement added that targeting transportations used in humanitarian and civil by any party, considering it a war crime.

It appealed competent search teams to thoroughly investigate the causes of helicopter crash, last Tuesday, in the sea off the western Maya city of Tripoli.

There were some reports that a battalion affiliated to Libya Dawn, is preparing to launch military operation west of the country, against the Libyan Army affiliated to the interim government and the House of Representatives (HoR) and troops supporting it, in response to the plane crash and the death of its passengers who are leaders of Libya Dawn, according to local official.

According to Eram News, an official in the ministry of defense in Tripoli government affiliated to the General National Congress (GNC), said in news statement that “Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) is reorganizing its troops to launch expanded military operation west of the country to western mountains, seeking to control the city of Zintan where is army’s general command of western region, beside targeting forces supporting the army in coastal Wersheffana”. However, reconciliation efforts by elders’ council of Libya have been successful so far.

Notables and officials in Wersheffana issued a statement confirming that they are seeking reconciliation with the neighboring city of Zintan.