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Unknown planes bomb IS in Sirte


Unidentified aircrafts bombed, Thursday, the Islamic State (IS) positions in Al-Dhahir area at ​the center of Sirte city, without knowing the size of material and human damage.

This came at a time when source at Air Force College in Misrata, affiliated to chief of staff at General National Congress (GNC), denied directing any strikes against the IS in the city.

Sources said that planes bombing the city, under control of the IS since last June, comes from Sicily Island, a subsidiary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

From another side, signs of the IS control in the city of Ajdabiya started to surface after executing number of assassinations attempts against Leaders of Salafist movement and clerics in the city.

According to Libya24 website, the IS took advantage of the preoccupation of army and police forces and some supporting groups from Salafist movement in the battlefield at the west axis of Benghazi to gradually established control over Ajdabiya. It started to move freely in the city, committing murders, assassinations and kidnappings, such as what happened in Benghazi at the beginning of terrorist groups control.

Eight operations were carried out in the city, without any notable reaction from inhabitants who started to believe that the IS is inside the city and they can’t move against it due to large number of its fighters and the presence of foreign fighters.

The city of Ajdabiya witnessed the murder of Salafist Shiek, Muftah Alawamy, last Thursday, and Shiek Soliman Ramadan Algabaely, Imam of Tawheed mosque, who was killed after dawn prayers last Wednesday.

What worries citizens of the city is that judiciary registered the assassination against unknown. Witnesses, required to remain anonymous, said that, based on worsening security situation in the city, the IS is to blame for those murders but city authorities did nothing about it, according to Libya24 website.

They declared that “Benghazi scenario is happening again in the city”, mentioning that the IS militants are to blame for those operations in the city, their target is to empty the city of army, police and clerics.

It is worth mentioning that the IS militants are at the doors of Ajdabiya, desperately trying to control the city after bombing its gates, court and Security Directorate.

Terrorist groups and militias are targeting their victims and carry out operations using sticky bombs.

The field commander of the Army, Mohamed Dawood Alqabsy, earlier accused many important and high-level personals in Ajdabiya of involvement in recent assassinations and supporting extremist and terrorist groups.

He said that he holds evidences that Misratah militias involved in supporting terrorists in Ajdabiya through the General National Congress (GNC), which sent 2 million Libyan dinars to the “Khwarej”  to finance terrorist operations inside the city.

Ajdabiya Revolutionaries Shura Council has warned, in a statement, on Monday, Alwahat areas from receiving military or civil persons from high state authorities.

The Council uncovered in its statement the intentions of Haftar, chief of staff, Abdulrazek Alnadhoury, and the Prime Minister, Abdullah Althinni, to visit villages of Oujla ,Jalu, Ejkherra, and Mrada in Alwahat to discuss development and investment projects

It also threatened to target any party or airport that receives Haftar, Alnadhoury and Althinni, holding whoever receives them full responsibility for what may happen after their visit, describing the 3 of having malicious plans to return the Libyan people to slavery and humiliation after the revolution.

The IS has extended its military power on the ground after taking over Sirte and going after the oil crescent region while the country is drowning in a military and political crisis.

The IS control over the city is a huge threat given it a strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea, connecting East, West, North and East areas, and control over a group of vital roads in Libya.

An evidence of the group’s intentions to control natural resources in Libya is its trials since the beginning of the year to control several oil installations.

First IS attack in Libya was on Hariga oil port, the second was on Almabrouk field, 100km south Sirte, operated by the French company, TOTAL. The latest attack was on a location in Sirte, the city he managed to control. The oil crescent area in between Benghazi and Tripoli and hosts the largest oil reserves, in addition to Essidra and Ras Lanuf ports, the largest in country.

Essidra port has four berths equipped for cargo ships, with a storage capacity of 6.2 million barrels of crude oil. It is one of the largest oil ports in Libya, it provides four oil fields; Alwaha, Alsamah, Jalu, Aldhahra. The port of Ras Lanuf has 13 reservoirs, and is supplied by about 140 thousand barrels a day from several fields, while its export capacity reaches 200 thousand barrels of crude oil per day.

Political analysts aren’t surprised by the preparations carried out by the IS to attack the crescent oil region, as the acquisition of oil installations is one of the most important sources of funding its forces in Syria and Iraq. They point out that the branch of the group in Libyan is trying to clone this experience, for this he seeks to control the oil fields in North-East of Libya.