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The Libyan diodes


By: Omar Elkeddi*

Libya is divided between two outgoing parliaments and governments, however, the House of Representatives (HoR)

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

extended its mandate, the same as the General National Congress (GNC), and everyone sat and waited for the sixth draft of the political agreement, until Shkirat city became the new Libyan capital more than Tripoli or Albaida. while constitutional assembly still haven’t agreed yet on the capital of the state.

This was reflected on the diplomatic course. Although the HoR appointed Ezzeddin Alawamy as Libyan ambassador in Italy, the former ambassador appointed by the GNC, Ahmed Almabrouk is still working at the embassy.

His last decision was to expel children of diplomats recognizing the legitimacy of the the HoR from Libyan school in Rome, and Italy is obliged to recognize the two ambassadors because its interests in western Libya is bigger than its interests on the east, and it is trying to  grab the stick from the middle.

The Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed Mohamed Drissi charge d’affaires at the Libyan embassy in Cairo. But the former ambassador, who moved to Australia, Fayez Jibril, refused to implement the resolution, which made Drissi break into the embassy, ​​along with an armed group with batons and knives, who will become diplomats later after expelling Jibril by force.

But the government changed its opinion after court of audit issued a report containing financial and administrative irregularities committed by Drissi, when he was a consul in Alexandria.

The report recommended an investigation with Drissi by administrative control, and the government decided to appoint Tareq Shoaib Albarasy  charge d’affaires at the Libyan embassy in Cairo. But Drissi refused to implement the decision with the assistance of his relationship with the president of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, which forced Shoaib to rally his supporters and storm the embassy by force and expel Drissi.

After a while, during Ageela Saleh’s visit to Cairo, Drissi rallied his supporters and stormed the embassy. He said to Al- Wasat news website that he stormed the embassy with no resistance and expelled all diplomats and staff who worked with Shoaib, who didn’t find a place to work with his staff, so he chose HCP unions building at Dokki and transformed it to embassy headquarter, while Drissi is still operating from Zamalk, and till now the Egyptian authorities hadn’t yet announced which ambassador to recognize; it seems that it faces the same situation as Italy, as the two ambassadors are appointed by the same government that Egypt recognizes.

Drissi’s fear of dismissal made him stir his tribe to demonstrate in front of government headquarters in Albaida, demanding to appoint Drissi as the charge d’affaires at the Libyan embassy in Cairo. We might see another demonstration organized by Albarasy tribe claiming the appointment of Shoaib, as charge d’affaires at the same embassy. Abdallah Athinni will find himself between the hummer of Aldarsa tribe and anvile of Albarasa tribe, while he is living in Albaida city where Albarasa are living, he also might think of escaping to Ghadames.

We have a third government in Libya, which is the Government of National Accord (GNA) headed by Fayez Al-Sarraj, if we ignored IS’s government in Sirte; the same city the constitutional assembly is thinking of choosing as the capital.

Also the GNC is represented by two envoys in Shkirat dialogue process, one headed by Quzit and the other headed by Al-Sewihly. The HoR also might be represented by two envoys, one headed by Emhemmed Shoaib, who the HoR decided to change and the other will be named soon.

Libya has two foreign ministers, beside Al-Guoail’s government in Tripoli, whom I cant remember his name, the first minister is Mohamed Al-Dayri, who Al-thinni sacked and replaced with undersecretary, Hasan Alsagher, but Saleh did not admit it and escorted Al-Dayri with him when he went to New York.

Hassan Alsagher is still Al-Thinni’s foreign minister and undersecretary of State and Libya’s ambassador to Senegal, which something that didn’t happen along diplomatic history.

If the UN envoy, Bernardino Leon, managed to achieve an agreement during the next session, he will leave his place for German Martin Kobler. However, Leon’s dealing with Libyans got him infected, and may reject the decision of his replacement, then media would call him the outgoing UN envoy. in this case Libya would be teared apart between two envoys.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated by LIBYAPROSPECT: Source