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Libyan talks after the fall of helicopter and Benghazi shelling



A helicopter fell near Al-Zawya city, 40 kilometer west Tripoli, or maybe it was shot down as many believe.

New information about the accident; chief of medical committee in Al-Zawya crisis committee, Nabil Abuzawi, said that 5 bodies were restored from the sea and injured were taken to the hospital.


He added in a media statement that military officials were on the plane which was on its way from Al-Zawya back to Mitiga base in Tripoli after stopping in Surman city, west of Al-Zawya.

Commander of the West region under the chairmanship of Staff in Libya Dawn forces, Hussin Abudeiia Alrobae’I was killed in the incident, confirms Abuzawi. He also pointed that money was onboard taken to North Africa Bank, Jumhouria Bank, and the Commercial Bank in Al- Zawya. Two North Africa Bank employees were onboard too.

Abuzawi denied the existence of the body of Al-Zawya- Wersheffana reconciliation committee chief, Noureddin Ahmad Alkilany, who died, Tuesday, in Turkey, on the plane. Abuzawi asserted that Alkilany’s body is still in Ankara and will be transported in hours. The plane probably was shot by BKC shell between 11.30 and 12.00 Tuesday afternoon, targeted by a plane led by a three-member crew.

All who died on the plane were Libya Dawn leaders from Al-Zawya and nearby cities. First accusations were pointed to Tribes’ army affiliated to Operation Dignity, especially after news about Colonel Mohammed Hijazi claiming responsibility for the crash. Hijazi is the spokesperson of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar’s Operation Dignity.

Some accused Libya Dawn forces of Misrata given they didn’t take part in Wersheffana fight between Tribes’ army and Libya Dawn forces in Al-Zawya and nearby cities.

Oddly, media bureau chief of Haftar’s Dignity Army, Khalifa Al-Obaidy, said that the plane fall had nothing to do with the army, which is a clear contradiction with what Hijazi announced about claiming responsibility for the incident.

The self-imposed question is who really did this? How can Al-Obaidy deny responsibility if it was done by Operation Dignity affiliated Tribes Army? On the other hand, how to deal with Hijazi’s statement as an official spokesperson?

Last Friday, shells hit civil demonstrators in Al-keesh square in Benghazi with an unknown doer. Accusations were pointed directly to Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council and Ansar Al-sharia.


But there is an important question here; Is it in the benefit of Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council to target a civil demonstration at this time?

Thus, observers from the other side suggest that who benefit most from the incident are the opponents of the Libyan talks which includes members of House of Representatives and the Army under Haftar’s leadership. So a clear accusation is pointed to Haftar who may have done this to gain wider popular support in Benghazi.

The most confusing is the call that spread on social media figuring an army leader, Marwan Alsaeity, and Osama Ben-hameed about the assassination of Dignity Army officers in Benghazi. Later in the record, it was uncovered that made up the call to reveal that Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council and Ansar Al-sharia were behind the assassinations.

That call, ambush, observers believe didn’t present new, especially Ansar Al-sharia haven’t denied these operations. But may be the group that set up the call wanted to imply that Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council and Ansar Al-sharia are who shelled demonstrators.

Despite all these trials, the big question still stands, who shelled the demonstrators? Why? In whose interest?

Fall of the plane in the western side of Libya synchronized with targeting demonstrators in the eastern side of Libya, this may be a coincidence but incidents’ consequences may stumble Libyan talks that is already threatened by rigid stances of actors.

The greater question is how could Haftar and his army allow civilians to demonstrate in unsecured place? Wasn’t it army’s duty to provide strong protection for the demonstrators? Or at least prevent demonstrations due to instability and lack of security.

What would the country witness in the upcoming days? Will the agreement be signed, the Government of National Accord (GNA) formed and stability is restored? Or things will take an unknown end direction?