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Helicopter crashed .. leaders killed near Zawiya


Military helicopter crashed down, Tuesday, near the city of Zawiya, west of Tripoli, and 23 on board were killed. The helicopter belongs to Government of National \Salvation in Tripoli, it crashed in the sea, off Al-Maya coast near Zawiya after being shot down by anti-aircraft.

According to the supervisor of the trip, which took off from the city of Surman, those who were abroad were Al-Sayed. Saqr, Abdel Razek Bela’d, Hassan Abodeya, Mahfoud Saber, Mohamed Ramadan Almabrouk, Belqassem Alsurmany, Salah Almagherbi Al-Zentani, Abdel Raheem Alkelani, Moaz Abdallah Alhamdeni, Mohamed Altagori, Sohaib Shabah, Ramadan Awaidat, Salam Zamoula, Khairy Khalifa Alsharrad, Mohanad Mohamed Alkharaz, Ayoub Talban, Fawzi Abo Algam and Khalid Youssif Khedr.

Research for more bodies continues, after recovering 7 bodies. Libyan Red Crescent in Zawiya helps in research and removing the bodies.

From his side, Colonel Ali Alshekhi, spokesperson for chief of staff at Government of National Salvation in Tripoli said ” the plane was heavily shot while flying”, while the General National Congress (GNC) announced mourning for three days.

The GNC said in a statement that it “isn’t relieved of any responsibility if any default was proved”, stressing that ” alleged truces and reconciliations held by some individuals or battalion or some municipal councils was the cause of lawlessness and attacks on civilians” according to the statement.

The GNC also blamed the United Nations mission for “violating Libyan sovereignty and intervening in holding military and security truce to stop operations under way to eliminate acts and crimes affecting security the citizen”.

The GNC appealed for what it called ” restraining and taking into account the higher interest of the country” Pledging to ” punish criminals where ever they are”.

From the other side, Director of information Office of the “General Command of the Armed Forces” at Libyan interim government Khalifa Al-Obaidy denied any relation to the incident, adding, in a statement to Libyan news agency, that the command ” has enough courage to take the responsibility of any operation carried out by its units at any part of the country”.