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A round-table discussion on Libyan Media practices


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) started a four-day discussion, Monday, organized in Madrid that gathers managers and owners of Libyan Media outlets operating from Libya or abroad.

According to UNSMIL website, the round-table discussion being hold in Casa Arabe Cultural Centre, in Madrid, focuses on developing strategies, policies and practices that matches international best practices, in addition to exposing daily challenges that face the Libyan media practitioners. Media’s role in reinforcing the reconciliation and peace in the country was also among the main key subjects.

“In Libya, the role of journalists and media executives is of the essence as conveyors of accurate and independent information and promoters of peace,” the Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ignacio Ybañez, said. He also added thatjournalists in all countries are the eyes through which the citizens understand reality.

The UNESCO Representative to Libya, Michael Croft, stressed that he understands the practical, technical and functional challenges within Libyan outlets that limit their impact. “We are here with our partners to help you develop a common approach to overcome them”, he added.

The activity is undertaken by the UNESCO Tripoli Project Office in partnership with Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Libyan Managers and owners expressed commitment to the outcomes of the previous discussions, adding that further support is needed to assist media outlets to successfully incorporate them into daily practice.

The round-table discussion comes after previous discussions between Libyan media managers in July 2015 and a declaration of key principles they developed then. Inputs from both meetings will contribute to the development of a future code of conduct for Libyan media.