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Libyans should support the De Facto government 


By: Obeid Al-Rageeg*

Those who reject the De Facto government (which consists of only six persons of ministerial council) are not aware that they

Obaid Al_Ragig
Obaid Al_Rageeg

are demolishing what is left of Libya.

So where is the Alternative? Are you satisfied with this division and war with two wanton governments and contradicted bodies? Isn’t it better to have temporally government, you can set its mandate for only one year, only when you sincerely seeking, after getting rid of your abhorrent negativity and chimed together in the search for a suitable replacement, ending this unfortunate situation is miserable?

The chance only comes once; and its valid now for Libyans, are you going to take it and close that door of blurry bids and cheap bargains, seeking out for positions and interests?

I am bitterly surprised, why this horrible silence and nasty negativity pursued by people, playing silent spectator helpless even to speak, in a time when action is obligatory and silence is a crime.

Hadn’t we suffered enough from misery and displacement? Hadn’t we suffered enough from the hell of chaos and suffocating smoke tampering during past four years?

I am surprised, how our people become adapted to such distress and suffering brought by civil wars, here and there, that take the lives of our people, destructs our properties and drains our wealth.

I wonder, what rejected NO could mean to two gelatinous bodies and wandering governments, where is insight and wisdom? Aren’t those you are trying to prolong in their age are the reason for all what happened of collapses at all morally, religiously, socially, financially and economically levels? after those lean years, is there anyone who still believes that good will come of those defective objects?

For Libyans, with all reasonable and logical considerations, one government is better than two, one legislature body is better than two, one country is better than two.

Will you wake up? Wake Up and Reject calls of adventurous and extremists, who insist on ruling you with power, and they like to see you live in war, destruction and displacement.

Our demands are the return of displaced to their homes inside and outside. Aren’t our demands to solve all armed militias that wreaked havoc in the land, retaining only single national army?

Our demand is to collect weapons and inventory used only by the army and police state.

Aren’t we, Libyans, in need for airports’ reopening, security of roads and private and governmental institutions, and restoring oil production, so that salaries can be covered? Isn’t it necessary that stability and security are restored in our country? So that the citizen can enjoy food and economic security and social services are restored.

Isn’t it better for all of us that Libya is united institutions that can, through our cooperation, do all mentioned above of life necessities?

As this is our situation, we have no choice but accepting the de facto government that is supported worldwide and work for agreeing on a replacement that ends terms of governments and temporary bodies.

Let’s work for a new Libya, according to the new long-awaited-for constitution, otherwise, the alternative will be more division, strife, destruction, looting, destruction, and crying over what is left from what was called the Libyan.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated by LIBYAPROSPECT: Source