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A crisis goes sour and the absurd approaches for support


By: Al Sanousi Bseikiri*

Whoever looks at the Libyan rivals, will realize that they are too far from being a key to the solution of the Libya crisis that have

Al Sanousi Bseikiri
Al Sanousi Bseikiri

been severing after refusal of the General National Congress, GNC, the House of Representatives, HoR, of the political agreement and the Government of National Accord, GNA.

Both legislative bodies didn’t realize the challenge ahead of them. GNC has been in a tough situations for months, it is losing control over the  government and a huge amount of the armed forces on the ground; on the other hand, the HoR descended into a gap that inspires the average citizen of its unsuitableness as a replacement to the GNC.

Talks will just end If each party continues to cling to its position, risking the present and future of Libyans who have no bright future ahead with such political closure and security tension. Possible options are limited to:

  • Pushing rivals in the same talks path, and make the HoR and the GNC accept the government, consensus and a new draft, which means prolonging the crisis and may be reforming it.
  • Launching new political talks that includes important political and social activists and avoids all mistakes of the previous talks processes. This step is challenging especially in choosing the representative actors of the varied Libyans.
  • Holding talks between the armed factions under a local and international sponsorship to agree upon a new transitional political map they will be responsible for its application.
  • Foreign intervention through the UN resolution and Euro-African execution that supports the selected government through customary provisions till drafting the constitution.

All mentioned above are suggestions that mayn’t succeed amongst severe polarization. For success of these trials, local preparation will be needed, preparation should be through action from different groups to beat all voices that have been prevailing through the past 2 years causing painful reality. The main goal should be the success of the Government National Accord, GNA.

There are many harbingers of further aggravation or change of course by pulling the rug out from under political representative of the parties to the conflict. The HoR’s statement issued after latest session, through which the HoR rejected the GNA and the agreement draft, showed that what media reported and announced by the head of the HoR is still under consideration, meaning that members’ statement affects what it said to be final position of the HoR concerning the GNA and the draft, and that is exactly what Leon meant by saying that most members of the HoR did not vote.

Also the statement issued by boycotting members, 30 members, supporting Sarraj’s government and the final draft all follows in the same direction. Which means that division moved to other closer circles within parties to the conflict, and could be launching point for reforming positions concerning suggested government and the draft.

In relation to the position of Western and European role, leaked information about abroad meeting refers to the US and the European insistence on the need to accept the proposed government without the draft. Motives of this insistence is understandable, but features of the situation are still unclear after the turbulence and rejection, which resonated all over the country.

As for supporting western role, I saw the news regarding the plan submitted by the High Commissioner for External Policies of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, for member states, which, as announced, a plan to achieve stabilization within 40 days once the GNA is approved.

Mogherini talks about the urgent need for aid to help stabilize and improve the security situation in Libya, her plan focuses  on support of municipal councils, health and education sectors so that Libyans can see benefits of stability in a time span that does not exceed six months, added to training programs of army, police forces, and public prosecution programs, beside technical issues related to combating illegal immigration and fighting of the Islamic State (IS), within the financial ceiling of 100 million Euros.

That figure reflects imbalance in the supporting European role, especially that the plan is to achieve stability within short term. Also calls into question the financial ceiling of the plan within the unlimited support announced by the Americans and Europeans since the start of the national dialogue.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated by LIBYAPROSPECT: Source