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Similar reactions on Benghazi shelling with different attitudes



Different Libyan parties agreed on denouncing shelling that targeted a demonstration in Keesh Square, Friday. Where eight shells landed on hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the UN mission proposals for consensual government, the shelling resulted in the deaths of nine people and more than 35 wounded.

From its part, municipalities of eastern region declared three days of mourning for the souls of the martyrs of the bombing that targeted civilians in Benghazi, calling the perpetrators as do not have the courage to confront.

Municipalities issued a statement, blaming the international community, UN Mission and the members of Security Council for the massacres and killings in Benghazi, and for not doing anything against terrorism in number of Libyan cities during the current period.

The statement called on different Libyan groups and tribes to stand by, and support the people of Benghazi in their war against terrorist groups.

On the other hand, Justice and Construction Party issued a statement and strongly condemned what has happened in the peaceful demonstration in Keesh Square from shelling with heavy weapons, killing and wounding demonstrators.

The party offers sincere condolences and sympathy to families of those who died because of this coward targeting, as described by the statement.

The Party stressed in its statement that peaceful protest and freedom of expression, is a right guaranteed to all people in accordance with the provisions of the law, and that it is a democratic mechanisms acquired by the revolution of February 17.

At the same time, the party appeals to all parties to stop the fighting the city of Benghazi suffered for a long time, and reiterates its call to move forward in forming a government of consensus to put an end to division and conflict and lawlessness, which claimed lives of innocent and defenseless citizens.

House of Representatives’ government in Tobroq denounced the bombing of protesters, stressed that the international suspicious silence about those criminal operations will make Libyans lose their trust in international organizations that claim to protect human rights, while exercising double standards policy, by fighting terrorism in parts of the world and condoned in Libya.

Eight shells landed near Keesh Square in the city of Benghazi after a rally by hundreds of demonstrators Friday, to protest against proposals announced by the UN envoy, Bernardino Leon, on the Presidency of the Government of National Accord lineup and naming of characters for sovereign positions.

In its statement, the government criticized the role of international organizations, especially the Security Council, in supporting Libya in the face of terror waves that hit the cities. The statement said “the government reaffirmed to everyone the danger posed by those rogue groups to civilian life, but all of these appeals have not been echoed by international organizations that did not condemn those actions while accelerating in disapproval and condemnation of the military operations carried out by the army in the fight against terrorism.” according to the statement.

From his side, the President of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, expressed condolences and sympathy to families of the victims who were killed after targeting a demonstration in the city of Benghazi, while he hoped for a speedy recovery for the wounded.

He said that the army is fighting terrorism, as described, the international community refrains from arming and leaves support for terrorism, which spoiled the land and people.

The Candidate Prime Minister for the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj denounced the incident and said that condolences are not enough, and that parties should overcome political and stand as one hand in the face of terrorism.

Al-Sarraj Media Office announced statement concerning Keesh bombing, which stated: “On this day, the tribe of the Messenger of Allah and Al-Hussein Bin Ali paid blood for the nation’s unity and values of justice. On the same day good people of Benghazi offers the same model for sacrificing their blood, shouting “martyrs martyrs, for you Libya”, but faced terrorism mortar treachery and cowardice, raising number of Benghazi children to skies of glory, embodying the immortal slogans launched by the martyr Abdul Salam Almesmary “there has to be Libya, even though long struggle”.

“I know that consolation is not enough, but work to cross beyond our political differences and stand one hand in the fight against terrorism in Libya” he stated.

According to observers, consensus in condemnation probably does not mean agreement on interpretations and accusations, some believe that radical Islamic groups are behind the attack, as those groups exert political “either with me or against me” after finding that people in Benghazi are in favor of the fight against terrorism.

Some other observants see that the main convict may be unknown parties with the purpose of mixing papers, or it may be foreign intelligent agencies from neighboring countries planed for the bombing to fail dialogue process, especially that some parties monitored movements of non Libyan groups affiliated to neighbouring states before the bombing.

On the international front, United Nations Special Envoy in Libya (UNSMIL) strongly condemned the terrorist attack that targeted the protests, and offered its sincere condolences for families of the dead and quick recovery for the wounded.

UNSMIL called on Libyans to denounce violent as a way to settle down political differences, stressing that peaceful expression of political opinions is pivotal political right at any society. It added “bombing the rally in Benghazi shows again that endless violence only take longer lives of the innocent, specially in a city which fighting erupted for over a year and caused unimaginable suffering for its inhabitants.

The statement considered that the stability of Benghazi is important and essential for the stability of the whole country, and that the last attack underlines the urgent need for peace in Libya.

The UN mission urged Libyans of all sects to put aside their differences and engage in efforts to resolve the crisis through dialogue, the crisis that harvested more lives and caused more destruction in their country.

The mission believes that the best response to the perpetrators of this heinous crime in Benghazi is to work together to bring peace to Libya.