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Benghazi bombing toll rises


The number of deaths of Benghazi bombing that targeted a protest, rises to 9 martyrs and more that 30 wounded.

Benghazi medical center announced that five bodies are in The morgue, while 25 wounded arrived at the emergency room.

Al- Jalaa hospital for surgery and accidents, published names of 4 dead and 14 wounded, 6 of them left the hospital.

According to Libyan News Agency, official spokesperson for military engineering class, Sarraj Alterah, said that members of the class are navigating Keesh square for any explosives.

The agency quoted Alterah as saying “members of the class with the army forces are imposing security cordon around Keesh, and combed the remnants of the shells in search for any explosive body after bombing the square with mortars during the rally”.

He asked Benghazi citizens to stay away from areas targeted by those he named “terrorists groups”, the Libyan Agency News said that eight mortar shells hit Keesh Square on Friday evening during demonstration called “Friday response to Leon” and killed eight people and injured thirty others.