Home News Six bodies of illegal migrants recovered near Tripoli

Six bodies of illegal migrants recovered near Tripoli


Libyan Red Crescent recovered 6 bodies, Wednesday, including two women, child and three men.

According to AFP, the six died in the sea off Tripoli in desperate attempt to reach Europe illegally.

Spokesperson for Red Crescent inTripoli told AFP “we recovered today six bodies, for two women, baby girl and three men on the beach off Al-Garrah Bolli, 60 km east Tripoli”.

He added “we hadn’t identify the bodies yet, but they are likely for migrants perished in the sea”.

AFP photographer saw eight personals of Red Crescent removing the bodies to ambulance cars, all wearing white suits and orange jackets.

In relation to that, reports said that a Spanish Navy ship rescued 625 illegal migrants off Libyan coasts.

According to Spanish EFE, the Spanish ship, operating within Triton operation, rescued 625 migrants were on boat headed from western Libya, including 509 men, 81 women and 43 child of different nationalities from Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan and Syria, they were transported to harbor southern Italy.

Libya is witnessing security vacuum and armed conflict that aggravated illegal migration from its uncontrolled coasts, in the wake of limited capabilities of Libyan coast guards and the preoccupation of Libyan authorities in the ongoing conflict.

incidents of immigrants sank boats, that sail Libya casts towards Italy, are repeated due to the accumulation of migrants in rickety boats often abandoned by smugglers.