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HoR boycotters support the latest UNSMIL draft


Boycotting members of House of Representatives (HoR) issued, Tuesday, a statement about the final draft of the political agreement mediated by the United Nations in Libya and the formation of Government of National Accord (GNA).

The 21 members expressed their concern in the latest developments of political dialogue rounds mediated by the UN special mission in Libya, and the final draft of the agreement and the suggested formation of the awaited GNA.

They mentioned in their statement that they are affected with what the country is going through, and the suffering of Libyans, due to chaos caused by the absence of political consensus and prolonged military escalation, which caused the loss of life, destruction of property, the failure of national economy that put the country on the brink of bankruptcy, threatened state sovereignty and unity of its territory and could evolve to worst and deadlier situation without consensual solutions to accomplish political balance, confirms national interests, respect goals and aims of February revolution, maintain the gains and sacrifices of its revolutionaries, maintain the dignity of citizens that was lost as a result of the heinous practices people are facing daily because of the weakness of state institutions and absence of laws and equality.

The statement said that boycotting members of HoR confirm their full support for what came in the final draft of political agreement and its annexes, saying that draft achieved most of what negotiators and Libyans aspire for, it included consensual solutions for all political, security, legislative and executional issues and requirements of constitutional process, beside trust building procedures and maintains national unity that leads to Harmony, reconciliation and peace all over Libya.

The statement said “we urge all Libyan parties to move forward in the political dialogue, accept and ratify the agreement and put it into execution. We ask all Libyans to show support for the draft, garble this historical opportunity to achieve peace and security”.

The boycotters stressed their support for the formation of suggested GNA, hoping it will “be good start, for the country and its citizens, and that its efforts could be crowned with success and manages to get Libya to safety. We confirm that what came in the suggested formation of the GNA should be left to the presidency of the government for accepting or modifying, working in harmony with principals of democracy and accountability for the government which couldn’t be achieved without the acceptance of presidency on the formation of the government”.

The statement confirmed the importance of serious consideration for supporting of moderate members of the HoR, boycotting members and the GNC members to crystalize common political vision apart from Intransigence and exaggeration, a vision that leads the country through this transitional period before the issuance of the constitution, so this vision could be savior for Libyans against security, political, developmental and living challenges.

The statement ended saying “we issue this statement out of contributing in saving the country of what is being woven around it, and of continued concern for its interests and wealth, we ask Libyans to discard negativity and feuding speech, and apply to cooperation and team work to get out of dark tunnel we are in. We also urge everyone to the importance of communication and build bridges of trust between all parties to resolve disputes and achieving desired reconciliation and national harmony.

Signed by:

1-   Mr. Emarah Ali Shenbaro (Alzawyia)

2-   Mr. Mohamed Alfaitouri Alhnesh (Alzawyia)

3-   Mr. Ali Mohamed Abouzariba ( Alzawyia)

4-   Mr. Mohamed Abdelkareem Alraed ( Misrata)

5-   Mr. Mohamed Mansour Ehnash (Misrata)

6-   Mr. Salem Masoud Gnan (Nalout)

7-   Ms. Rabea AlSadeq alfaqeh (Tripoli)

8-   Mr. Mostafa Aboushaqor ( Tripoli)

9-   Mr. Akram Eissa Omar (Kikla)

10-                 Mr. Tare Aboubaker Abouhisa (Yafran)

11-                 Ms. Alsayeda Kamel Alya’qoubi ( Gherian)

12-                 Mr. naeem Mohamed Abdelrahman ( Gherian)

13-                 Mr. Salah Ali Zoubaik (Gherian)

14-                 Mr. Nasser Youssif Algheriany ( Ghat)

15-                 Mr. Mohamed Abdelsalam Arrefa (Sabha)

16-                 Mr. Ahmed Alsharef Arhouma ( Sabha)

17-                 Ms. Fatma Abubakr Abose’dah (Sabha)

18-                 Ms. Asmahan Abdelqader Baloun (Benghazi)

19-                 Mr. Fathy Ali ( Misrata)

20-                 Solaiman Mohamed Alfaqeh ( Misrata)

21-                 Mr. Kamal Abdelkareem Alshalaby ( Alkhomos)