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Al-Sarraj speaks publically for the first time


The Candidate Prime Minister for the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj hoped, in a press statement on Thursday that the government expresses its meaning in actions. “Challenges ahead are huge, but Libya is greater,” he added.

“We won’t succeed in this mission without efforts of Libyans and their actual will, to build a peaceful and secure country,” Al-Sarraj said.

Al-Sarraj asserted that Libya is in crossroads and will be only saved by its nationals. “This is an invitation to all Libyans to direct their effort to their country. It is time to create our own future and break these bloody chains, what is difficult today will be impossible tomorrow. Libya is you and for you,” he stated.

European Union Commissioner for Foreign Politics and Trade, Federica Mogherini, talked with Al-Sarraj and welcomed his appointment asserting EU’s full support to his work in the upcoming months to lead Libya out of its current crisis to peace and stability.

She also asserted the EU’s support for the dialogue, which is sponsored by the United Nations, and the importance of the Libyan parties to agree on the submitted agreement.

Mogherini discussed with Al-Sarraj the current situations and the efforts to put the final touches for the benefit of Libya and Libyans.

She pointed out that the EU is ready to provide substantial and immediate support, as soon as the GNA is formed, then there will be discussions about the support package with the Libyans to meet the priorities and needs.

From his side, the UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, on Wednesday, has confirmed, in a press conference, that the negotiations between the parties will continue, despite all the problems encountered.