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The HoR and the GNC .. the agreement to disagree


By: Idris Tayeb Lamin*

It is undoubtedly clear that, most Libyans support reaching a solution to the Libyan crisis, especially who don’t have specific conditions or power demands, since divisions in Libyan society and state institutions are going deeper.

Idris Tayeb Lamin
Idris Tayeb Lamin

Everybody knows that the catastrophic Libya status is just going to get worse which threatens the existence of the nation as a whole.

It was proved that the ongoing conflict between 2 political sides can’t be ended by force; it was even soured by adding regional and tribal dimensions to it, which mixed cards and spread confusion around the nature of the crisis.

The agreement which happened around (the disagreement) is an expression of (realistic) alliance that is invisible between extremists in both sides. As we know, extremists tend to support each other no matter what camp they belong to.

In the Libyan case, they stem from a wrong understanding of the negotiating mechanism in the Libyan talks, which makes it imperative for the two parties to compromise, as well as dealing with new developments, changes in attitudes, and conditions, as the policy response is dealing with (fact) not with history, and roots of dispute aren’t mentioned on the negotiating table.

Unfortunately, stances of both sides are less than what the event takes, I especially address the House of Representatives, HoR, which should have been the HoR of all Libyans, and not fall into the ambush set by its enemies that it is a side in dispute. But the bad performance of the HoR, and the better performance of the putschists of the General National Congress, GNC, made the cause reach its current status.

It is all now in the hands of the HoR, who used to be the only player in the field and didn’t want to score, which means that, to serve your enemy it is enough to be stupid.

Today is the day of decisiveness, and if the HoR don’t understand the eloquent language expressed by the UN Security Council and the international community, and benefit from the GNC rejection of the agreement; doors to a new hell will open on Libya and the Libyans, and they will know it too lately.

The voice of wisdom says that options come from the available solutions not the desired ones.

*A Libyan Diplomat and Writer